Case Studies

La Dolce Boutique
Stosa Point Lamezia
Philip Kron Morelli
Scuola Danza Contatto
Caffè Campisi
Saint Mark's
Tribù Salsera
Modify Editorial Services
Caffè San Firenze
Shisha Elite


Every company has a story to tell. Our task is to transform abstract ideas into compelling and convincing narratives. Breaking fixed schemes and taking advantage of the most appropriate channels for the company. Setting up a path to follow together, composed of all phases that serve to integrate the coordinated image.


We meet the customer. We listen him. We define, with him and for him, a resolute identity and a communication plan. We develop possible forms and contents, mixing services of various kinds. We test the results and analyze their evolution and effectiveness together. Activating relations with the selected target.

Why Choose Creami Design

1 Because we are complete , and we are specialized in every field concerning communication. We create websites and mobile apps, index them, process graphics and content, photos and videos. We offer standard and advanced SEO services via adwords platforms and social networks. We offer 3D rendering services, video and graphic post-production and much more.

2Because we study an ad hoc plan for the customer . This is why we call ourselves "strategy tailors". Because every project is tailor-made according to the client's needs and economic possibilities. Without standardizing its brand but managing to enhance its strengths. Always paying attention to every detail.

3 Because we like originality, offering customers unique and innovative choices. Products that strike and immediately catch the eye. Because in a jungle of competitors, visitability is what really gives wings. Furthermore we are fast and efficient, always respecting the delivery times established with the customer.